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I wish I was shooting digital 25 years ago.

We went to California, USA for holiday in mid Nov 1992.  Looking back that was exactly 25 years ago. We spent the last few days of our trip at my wife's classmate home in Los Angeles. In their house  They had a huge beautiful pet, a green Parrot called Ziggy that lived in their study. If my memories serve well I think parrot Ziggy was easily over 3 feet tall.

Parrot Ziggy belonged to the military macaw (Ara militaris) species of large beautiful Parrot.Initially Ziggy was not comfortable with our presence but after two days it got accustomed to these two visitors from afar. I took some photos of this handsome big bird with my Olympus OM-3 and OM-4Ti 35mm film camera.
I am writing this old story because our friends from LA was in town for holiday recently.  We learned that parrot Ziggy had passed away and our friends knew I had some photos of Ziggy the military macaw and asked us if they could have copies of the photos.
We gladly agreed but unfortunately only two digital photos of …

Misty Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge and Lumix DMC-TZ70

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge is the world's longest and highest pedestrian glass bridge located at Zhangjiajie National forest Park in northern Hunan, China, also referred as the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass bridge. Zhangjiajie Glass bridge was officially opened to visitors on August 20, 2016.

The Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge is 385 meters (1263 feet) long and 6 meters (20 feet) wide. The height of the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge is 300 meters (984 feet) above the canyon floor. The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass bridge is designed by renowned architect and poet, Professor Haim Dotan. His design concept of the bridge is an Invisible Bridge that blends in with nature and harmonise with Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.

Visitors to the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge are only allow to carried wallets and mobile phone when going on the bridge supposedly for safety reasons? However the implementation depends on the security and ticketing staff on duty. As for bringing camera to the bridge…

Taking a look at budget mobile phone camera.

Last December we noticed a mid range budget mobile phone in an IT Hypermarket offered at a very attractive price.  At that time the built-in battery in my one year plus handphone was having a high internal resistance problem, the phone would suddenly shutdown without warning. Unfortunately for mobile phone with  built-in battery when it comes to battery replacement it has to be sent back to the repair center and takes at least two or more days just for that.

Normally, replacing a battery is an easy task that any one can undertake. However with built-in battery it has to be done by the mobile phone makers. That is their tactic to secure repeat sales for battery and revenue from service charges but cause much hassle and inconvenience to their customers.

The phone on offer was the Neffos C5 from TP-link a company well known for networking gears but a new player in the already congested mobile phone market.  A new range of Neffos phone the "X" series was just launched so these 2…