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Photogenic Chinese New Year decoration @ The Curve

As Chinese New Year is getting closer we went to the Curve Mall to pick up some new year goodies. Last month we were quite happy with The Curve's 2012 Christmas decoration. Naturally we are eager to check out what they have for the 2013 Chinese New Year as well.

This trip to The Curve Mall is mainly a shopping trip for Chinese New Year goodies. However we are also prepared for some photo shooting opportunity when something nice pops up. Thanks to Olympus for pioneering the Mirrorless Cameras System and reinventing the Digital Pen Micro Four Thirds Cameras.

This small system camera with big features is so light and small we can carry it with us almost anytime. Any Olympus Pen camera together with a pancake lens plus a standard kit zoom can slip into a Camel Waist Pouch without any problem. A two Micro Four Thirds camera body with several lenses can easily fit in a messenger type sling bag. That is how we carry our Olympus Pen cameras and most of the time no one knew we had a system…