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Panorama with Autostitch

Panorama photo is nothing new to us. In fact we were making panorama shots since the film day. That was rather primitive back then.  What we did was we pan the camera as we took several photos of a scene each with a different angle. When the film is processed and printed we stack and line up the prints to form a panorama of the scene.

When 35mm film scanner became affordable we made a scan of the panorama images from our 35mm negative.  After that we stitched the panorama photos together from the scan images manually with a free software suit called Panorama Tools. The process was time consuming and slow but nevertheless we had fun and enjoyed taking and stitching panorama photos.

Today all modern digital cameras have built-in panorama mode and some of the cameras even stitch them in-camera. But we still enjoy doing it the old fashion way. We had tried many panorama stitching softwares over the years and many were free software. Some of the free panorama software actually stitched bet…