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My decade old riddle.

Sometime back in 1998 the company that I worked for ask me to look for a digital camera for the company. In those year the market for consumer digital camera was quite new. The prices of consumer digital camera are crazy. A high end point-and-shoot camera of 2 mega pixels is about the price of a mid range DSLR of 16 Mega pixel of today.

I started visiting camera shops, visiting website of various camera manufacturers, searching online reviews. However there were not many model or that many info you can find online in those day. DSLR  are out of the budget set by my company.

Finally I narrow down to three cameras models. The Sony Mavica, a Fuji Finepix and the Olympus Camedia. My company director finally decided on the Camedia base on my input on the FAB from each of the three cameras.

I was given the task to become an expert with the new camera and provides advise and instruction to anyone who want to use that camera. In short a talking and walking camera manual is what the company ex…

Our Pen story begins....

We are Olympus OM system SLR cameras user for over 3 decades, When Olympus launched the Four Thirds E-1 DSLR in 2003 we were there to witness the launching. Despite being a believer of the Four Thirds concept suffice to said we left the E-1 launching disappointed with that camera.

At launch the Olympus E-1 camera was overpriced, a little under spec, and under performed comparing to other DSLR in the market at launch time. However the quality of the Four Thirds optics live up to the claim of the Four Thirds concepts. The Four Thirds concept  of "digital camera from the ground up" of lens and sensor relationship also deliver the deep color of the now often called "Oly color". Nevertheless Olympus had sold a lot of E-1 to many happy users who still love it till now. Maybe we are expecting a digital OM that made us disappointed with the Olympus E-1!

So we started our search for a digital SLR from other brands(sorry Olympus we are not brand loyalist). We have not found …