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2013 Chinese New Year Decoration in Pavilion KL

Our memory is still fresh with the photo session of Majestic Dragon of the Pavilion Mall.  But time flies and that a year has past.  Soon we will be in the Lunar Year of the Snake and bid farewell to the Dragon Year.

We were on our way to the Pavilion Mall and expecting to see a big anaconda just like the Majestic Dragon at the Mall for the Year of the Snake.  When we arrived we were disappointed because the Pavilion Mall had a miserable green earthworm disguised as a snake at the entrance. Luckily the Green earth worm looked cute and funny and if not for its forked tongue it definitely is merely a big fat earthworm.

The 2013 Chinese New Year theme for Pavilion Kuala Lumpur is the Circles of Prosperous. The main decoration for the theme is the 2,000 red-and-gold Chinese lanterns hanging at the Bukit  Bintang entrance and at the Pavilion  Mall's center court. Visitors will not fail to miss The Bridge of Prosperity and the Longevity Kois at the center court area circling a huge gold…