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Crappy camera

I bumped into a few talented photography geniuses who claimed that they couldn't and they wouldn't know how to handle any camera if it weren't a DSLR. This could be egoism or lack of self-confidence. If they did not have a big formidable looking DSLR with them they just didn't know what to do.

Equipments should be used according to the situation and requirement. If you need a medium format camera for a pro shoot then use one. If you need to have pro equipment with you to impress your client by all means.  If not don't limit your choice - just pick up any camera that works best not necessary a DSLR. I don't think a DSLR is so easy to use or anything less than a DSLR is so complicating either.

While looking for some old photographs I found some shots I took with a crappy cheap web-cam back in early 2000s. The camera was an Umax AstraPix 380 web-cam with no LCD screen. It could double as a digicam and run on a single AA 1.5 volt dry cell. Exposure adjustment was l…

Am I The Pen Fan?

I named this blog The PenFan Photo-blog. But am I really The PEN Fan? Honestly I don't think I am one or qualify as one. When the original PEN was launched 50+ years ago I was too young to bother with Olympus or the PEN.

When Olympus launched the digital PEN the E-P1 two years ago, again I didn't bother with the new PEN camera or the launching. It was only this year after the fourth Pen camera E-PL2 was launched that by chance I bought a E-P1 camera. I have never owned any Olympus PEN series before.

I have a strong interest in new camera developments.  I have been following the development of the Four Thirds as well as the Micro Four Thirds since the E-1. So I am no stranger to the new digital PEN Camera.  If I were a PEN Fan I should have become a PEN owner two years ago.

Having used the Olympus OM System film cameras since the OM2n for over three decades,  I still hang on to my OM2n, OM3 and OM4ti.  Well, may be I am more an OM Fan. l still love my OM cameras and love manual…