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Retreat, regroup and .....

A few days ago I received an alert email from my site monitoring services saying my blog had gone missing with the error message "server not found". I checked and found that the hosting company suspended my site for "malicious activity". Oh dear, since when a photo blog had become a malicious website and how could I had to set up some "malicious activity" if I had not login to my site for months already. Couldn't reason with that guy he seemed very unhappy over the issue and not answering any further email from me. Now I am locked out from my blog and my server's control panel. 

I started some rethinking of what is the best course of action from here on. There is no point beating a dead horse so if we were to continue with the photo blog a new hosting or a new blog platform plus a rebuild of the website is required.  Well, what are the options for me?

First option is to move my site to another hosting company and continue with Wordpress. I am not…