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Christmas 2012 at The Curve Mall

In the month of December Ikea is running some one-day special Christmas offer of 2 items per day everyday till December 24. We were attracted or rather distracted by one of the items on offer that day but felt it more of a want than a need.

Physically checking  out the item might help but Ikea is quite a distance from our place. If the item turned out to be something not what we really want,  it would be a wasted day out.  Then I remembered the Christmas decoration at The Curve so I said to my wife at least we can shoot some photos to make it worth the while.

We arrived at Ikea around lunch time and had lunch at the Oriental Court area at The Curve Mall. After that we moved on to the Curve's Centre Court area to check out their Christmas decorations as our first stop.

The Curve's theme for the 2012 Christmas was called The Whimsie Forest with a sprinkle of fairy dust. A forest wonderland theme decorated with colourful flowers, Christmas trees, tree house and towering toadstool…