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Striated Heron at the Park

Today I was at the MPH Book store in 1 Utama shopping Mall browsing some magazine and books. The MPH book store at 1 Utama once claimed to have  the largest floor space in the City. Sad to say, they are now just half that size occupying only the upper level. The lower level at 1st floor is now vacant with the sign "We Are Still Open. Please Use The 2nd Floor Entrance".

Didn't find anything interesting in MPH but was attracted or rather distracted by a nice view from the glass windows at the far end of the book store. Looking down the window panel I saw the 1 Utama Central Park on the ground level. I had never set foot on the 1 Utama Central Park and since there is nothing much for me here I decided to take a walk in the Park.

The 1 Utama Central Park looked a little doughty - many trees with leaves turning yellow due to the dry season here. There was a pond or lake not far from me. As I walked towards it, I started pulling out my Olympus Pen E-P1 camera from my messenger…